The reaction I get when I mention that I'm a wedding designer is usually a mixture of horror and sympathy. There's this stigma around the wedding industry that every moment of planning is stressful, that brides are prehistoric monsters who breathe fire if they don't like the font you've chosen for their invites, that the people who work to make weddings happen are a little unhinged.

I'm here to tell you that none of those things are true. Well, the last one might be. 

Weddings are beautiful experiences filled with love and laughter. They are blissful moments in time that you'll hopefully look back on twenty, fifty, seventy years from now and smile nostalgically over. Your big day is a reflection of the love you feel for the person standing at the end of the aisle with you. 

Alexa Creative (formerly Big Day Design) was started because I wanted to help illustrate that love. I love everything about weddings. Having never been to a proper one until I was 21, I was fascinated by the time, effort, and creativity that went into these extravagant events that were marked by tulle, lace, laughter, and love. I found myself drawn to the elaborate typography, posh paper, and fancy embellishments of wedding invites, and began designing stationery for my cousins and close friends as they paired off and said "I do". Now I own an impressive stack of wedding magazines and books, more paper swatch books than shelf space, and a love for wedding design that grows every day. My greatest joy is knowing that my design work helps make someone's big day extra special and unique.

I believe that every big day in your life deserves to be celebrated in style, whether you’re getting hitched, welcoming a new member to the family, or receiving your diploma. Your celebration should be unique to you and your style, and I can help you achieve creative perfection! Keep me in mind for more than just wedding invitations like day-of pieces, birth and graduation announcements, party and shower invitations, personal stationery, and anything else you want to add a unique custom touch to.

I hope that every big day in your life is a magical one!

Alexa Heinrich
Founder & Designer