• The End of a Relationship

    In March, I decided to go on a break for the summer, foregoing taking any new clients and spending the months relaxing and recharging. I wanted to take the time to not only have more time for myself, but also reassess how I wanted to move forward with my life professionally.

    I did manage to do that, which is why I have decided to close my wedding stationery business.

    It's sad, and I completely blame my boss. She had to go and make my 9–5 job so wonderfully fulfilling. When I started designing for weddings almost five years ago, it's because my actual job didn't spark excitement in me, didn't satisfy my want for success and creativity. I needed something that did that, which is why I would come home after working for eight hours and work four, five, six more hours on weddings and events. Now that I love my job (thank you, Laura), I find that I don't quite have the same energy or time for side projects like I used to. 

    Don't worry, I won't stop designing completely. I could never do that. I'm currently working on some beautiful weddings, and I'll still take on projects when friends and family ask me (I reserve the right to say no, because I've learned that that's important). But I won't actively be promoting my freelance work or hunting for new design clients. If they find me, they find me. I will also be taking down the social media for Alexa Creative over the next week and converting this site into my professional portfolio for social media, content creation, art direction and design. 

    I want to thank all the people who supported me on this wonderful journey, especially my exceptional parents, everyone who trusted me to design for their big days, and my outstanding best friend, Jackie, who got married last weekend. Jackie, thank you for letting me make your wedding invitaiton my pièce de résistance, the cherry on top of my work with Alexa Creative. I loved being able to create something beautiful and whimsical for you and Brett. It was well and truly my favorite invitation that I've ever created.