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  • The Truth About Envelope Liners

    An angry mob of stationers will be at my door by the end of this blog entry, because I'm here to tell you the truth about envelope liners. Sure, they're beautiful and add that extra touch to your wedding suite.

    And your guests probably aren't going to see them.

    Don't get me wrong, I love a good envelope liner. They're truly exquisite and are like an extra canvas in a wedding suite. They can be patterns, pictures, text, maps, anything you want really. On top of being lovely, evenleope liners are also ridiculously easy to DIY. Templates are readily available in craft stores and online, making it easy to cut lines from large sheets of patterned paper.

    But realistically, once you seal your envelopes, it's unlikely anyone will see the pretty liner that you worked so hard on. From a practical standpoint, most people slit envelopes open across the top, leaving the flap adhered. This means that not only will your guests not see the lined flap, but the portion of the liner not adhered to the envelope is likely to fall out when the envelope contents are removed. 

    Again, I love beautifually lined envelopes, but I also feel it's my duty to disclose the most fiscally responsible choices to couples planning weddings. I want your big day to be special and everything you've ever dreamed of, but I also don't want you to have to break the bank in order to have that dream day.